French Immersion

Bonjour et bienvenue au programme d’Immersion de l’école secondaire Esquimalt. 

Esquimalt High School offers French Immersion at the Grade 9 – 12 level. Course offerings are based on enrolment and staffing. A total of nine courses (36 credits) are required in the program and students will graduate with a dual Dogwood Certificate.

Students will also be able to take single immersion courses to maintain their French, but would not be registered in the French Immersion program.

All classroom instruction is conducted in French and students are expected to submit all their work in French and speak French at all times in class.

Esquimalt High School is home to the original Espagnol courses, a Spanish Language program for French Immersion students that enables students to graduate fluent in both French and Spanish.

Courses offered:

  • Sciences Humaines 09
  • Français Langue 09
  • Sciences Humaines 10
  • Français Langue 10
  • Espagnol 10
  • Français Langue 11
  • Français Langue 12
  • French 12 (Provincial Examination only)
  • AP French Language 12 (optional, please see French Immersion Teachers)

Detailed course descriptions can be found in our course guide