School Counsellors are available to help you with personal or academic problems that need more help than the Teacher Advisor can give. If you want to change, drop or add a course, you must make an appointment in advance to see a School Counsellor. School Counsellors can also assist with post-secondary planning and transition.

Esquimalt High School’s Counsellors are:

First Nations Counsellors can assist aboriginal students with personal and academic issues:

  • Tensley Koontz is available to assist sudents in ALL GRADES with GRADUATION goals.  He is a part of our education support team and you can email him to request a meeting:

Youth and Family Counsellors are available to support students with personal issues.

Scheduling an Appointment

Students: The most expedient way to request a counselling appointment is through the link on this site.  Students may also email a counsellor directly.  There will also be counselling request forms available in the counselling area but please be advised that digital requests are typically processed more quickly.  Counsellors make every effort to see students during elective blocks.

Parents/Guardians: To request a counselling appointment please email one of the counsellors listed above directly, or call the school’s main office at 250-382-9226.  If you have gmail, you may use the link on this page to access our Google request form.

Request an appointment; follow the link:

Helpful Websites

Looking for information about physical, emotional and mental health for youth? Check out these useful links:

General Health

Mental Health