Provides information on anxiety disorders and how to support children with anxiety concerns, including self-help toolkits, videos, personal stories, and newsletters.

Canadian Paediatric Society: Caring for Kids Click “Behaviour & Parenting” > “Taming the Monsters: Helping children deal with their fears”

Provides parents with information about their children’s health and well-being, including resources about how to help children deal with fears.

Children’s Mental Health Ontario | Click “For Parents and Families” > “Signs & Disorders” > “Anxiety

Disorders” Provides information on children’s mental health, including information on anxiety disorders for parents. Multiple languages available.

Hands on Scotland

A UK-based website providing information on child and youth well-being. The section on anxiety has video clips, case studies, and information on how to be helpful and what to avoid.

KidsHealth Search for “anxiety”

A US-based website providing general health and healthy living information for kids, teens and parents, including information on anxiety, causes, related issues, coping skills, and more.

McMaster University: Offord Centre for Child Studies: Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development | Click “Behaviour and Mental Health Problems” > “Anxiety”

Provides information for parents on child development and mental health, including information, articles, pamphlets, and suggested books and DVDs on anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

Website for teens providing background information on anxiety disorders, those affected, treatment options, and how to help oneself or a friend.

Mind Your Mind

A Canadian website for youth by youth providing resources to help manage stress, and mental health issues. Includes personal stories, coping tools, music, and a blog.


A Canadian website focused on prevention and early intervention of mental health challenges in youth. Contains information, quizzes and resources.

Teen Mental Health

A Canadian website with evidence-based information on teen mental health, including anxiety. The site has a number of videos explaining different types of anxiety.

Suicide Prevention Toolkit  Suicide Prevention Toolkit_professionals

This Toolkit was created to help professionals reach out to children and youth who may be at risk for suicide.

Here to Help: Anxiety Disorders Toolkit

Information and resources for effective self-management of anxiety and anxiety disorders.

MindShift Mobile App

MindShift will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety.

Taking Care: Child and Youth Mental Health

Interactive website with information on anxiety, the documentary Fighting Their Fears, and self-help kits.