Athletic Leadership/Outdoor Education 10-12

Location: Gym, Weight Room, Outside Fields, Various locations in and around Victoria

Course Description

Welcome to ALOE! This course focuses on team building and athletics through exploring a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  The four main leadership styles are autocratic, bureaucratic, democratic, and co-operative/participatory.  Throughout this course we will learn about leadership styles, what they mean, and how they apply to a variety of situations.   There is no one perfect leadership style for all people or all things.  Different situations and people will use a variety of these leadership styles.  One of the things we will learn in this course is when to use what style and what works best for you.

The activities chosen in this class are highly co-operative and often competitive. The success of this course relies on the participation and attitude of each student working hard and approaching all activities with an open mind.  By incorporating as many of these activities as we can in the outdoors we help increase our confidence, learn about safety and risk management, and develop a lifelong love of participation in nature.

Sample Field Trip Activities include:

  • Kayaking/canoeing/dragon boating/Stand up paddle boarding
  • Orienteering and route planning/trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Plant identification and environmental science
  • Hiking
  • Geo cash hunting




  • Proper attire for each day (shorts/track pants, shirt/sweatshirt, supportive shoes, etc. ) Please note not to bring or wear inappropriate clothing.
  • Come to class on time and be prepared to start on time.
  • Volunteer/service hours (sports teams = 10 hours)
    • Jr student = 20 hours
    • Sr student = 30 hours
  • Keep track of your volunteer hours
  • Fill out all necessary paper work and have handed in ASAP
  • Take part in fundraising activities to offset the costs of our field trips and activities