Athletic Leadership and Outdoor Education

Athletic Leadership 9-12

Location: Gym, Weight Room, Outside Fields, Various locations in and around Victoria

Course Description

Athletic Leadership is a course designed for students with an interest in school sports.  If you are a student-athlete, a coach, a team manager, or a team trainer, then this course will have something to offer you. Athletic Leadership focuses on team building and athletics through exploring a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  The activities chosen in this class are highly co-operative and often competitive. The success of this course relies on the participation and attitude of each student working hard and approaching all activities with an open mind.

In addition to exploring a variety of lead-up games and sporting activities, students will be required to: 

  • develop an individualized training plan to reflect their personal fitness goals.
  • work cooperatively to develop their own game in a “Game Making” Unit.
  • volunteer a minimum of 20 hours (junior) or 30 hours (senior) in our school and community athletics programs.
  • learn basic sports first aid such as taping various joints.
  • develop a facility safety plan for hosting events in our school gym.
  • learn CPR and the use of an AED.
  • organize, fundraise, and run a sporting event (tournament) in our gym as a culminating activity.  Ex. – The Annual FIRE Basketball Tournament or the Annual Esquimalt Elementary Schools Basketball Jamboree.

Outdoor Education 10-12

This course places an emphasis on exploring the outdoors! Students have the opportunity to safely experience our amazing natural environment. This is a full credit class that is offered to all students, whether you are beginning your outdoor experiences or want to build on your confidence. The course aims to develop outdoor knowledge, survival skills, leadership, collaboration, team-work, self-reflection, and the importance we place on our relationship to the natural environment. Although this class does play minor games and various sports like other PE electives, the Outdoor Education course puts particular focus on trying to get off-campus and engaged in activities meant to gain an appreciation and understanding of our connection to the natural environment.