Daily Physical Activity

All Kindergarten to Grade 12 students (K to 12) must participate in physical activity.  Physical activity has a positive impact on students’ health and achievement. It also helps them develop good habits that can contribute to longer, healthier lives.

School athletic teams

School athletic teams represent our school in inter-school competition. Junior teams can progress to Vancouver Island Championships and senior teams can progress to Provincial Championships.

These teams require dedication and commitment from student athletes. During the sport season team members can anticipate practices and games at least four times a week after school or in the evening.

Before joining one of these teams, which can be very rewarding, players should discuss with their parents their personal schedules and commitments at school and home to ensure they have sufficient time to make a full commitment to all practices and games.

Calendar of School Athletic Seasons 

Athletic Teams sponsored at Esquimalt High School 2018-2019:

Sports Associations:
Lower Vancouver Island Secondary School Athletic Association
BC School Sports