Daily Physical Activity

Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

Daily Physical Activity refers to physical activity that people do on a daily basis. DPA includes activities that help develop endurance, strength, and flexibility. Your DPA choices can represent your likes and interests. All activity counts, as long as you are moving.

Each student in grade 11, and 12 is expected to participate in physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. Each activity must last at least 10 minutes or more and be of moderate to vigorous level of intensity. During semesters in which students take Physical Education, they get more than 150 minutes of activity per week. During semesters in which students  do not have PE they will need to do some other sort of activity.

DPA Activities

Endurance Activities: activities that help develop your cardiovascular endurance such as brisk walking (with your dog or to school), swimming, cycling, jogging, sports (such as soccer, basketball, and rugby), aerobics, dancing, cross-country skiing, tag games.

Strength Activities: activities that help develop the strength of different muscle groups such as pushups, racquet and ball games, core training, skating, house chores, martial arts. This can be done in the community or with friends and family.
Flexibility Activities: activities that help develop the flexibility of different parts of the body such as yoga, gymnastics, dancing, Pilates.

DPA Tracking Sheets: