Gay/Straight Alliance

Esquimalt High School’s Gay/Straight Alliance is a club seeking to provide a loving, accepting and equal opportunity environment for students of all sexual orientations. Combating homophobia and replacing it with tolerance within our school and community is our main objective.


Through past projects such as the creation of “Homophobia Free Zone” posters, “That’s so Gay is not OK” paraphernalia, identifying queer-friendly literature in our school library and other anti-homophobia campaigns, Friends of Dorothy has made progress in creating a more loving and safe environment in our school.  In the future, our Esquimalt Gay Straight Alliance plans to undertake such projects as fundraising through rainbow-themed bake sales, coordinating a school-wide Day of Silence recognizing Gay rights as well as our very own Esquimalt High Gay Pride Parade. It is our opinion that projects such as these are of the utmost importance to creating a healthy environment of acceptance around us.

Acceptance of all people is the first step to creating the ideal supportive environment we strive for in our school and community.

For more information listen to announcements for meeting times or talk to Mr. Wignall during meetings in Room 309 or any time in the Automotive Shop.