Attendance Callback

Attendance phone line: 250-382-9223

Call the number above to notify the school if your son or daughter will be absent. As the phone connections are not always clear, please spell your son or daughter’s name to insure we get the correct information.  Thank you.

The Daily Attendance Callback System

When a student is absent from one or more classes the school automatically sends an email and/or a phone message to the student’s home, unless the school has been notified in advance that the absence is excused.

  • Block A, B, C, D – first, second, third and fourth block of the regular school day
  • Block F -Monday before school
  • Block G – Tuesday before school
  • Block H – Wednesday before school
  • Block J -Thursday before school
  • Block K – Friday before school
  • Block L – Monday at lunch
  • Block M – Tuesday at lunch
  • Block N – Wednesday at lunch
  • Block P – Thursday at lunch
  • Block Q – Friday at lunch
  • Block R – Monday after school
  • Block S – Tuesday after school
  • Block T – Wednesday after school
  • Block U – Thursday after school
  • Block Y – Friday after school


Please notify the school if you do not wish to receive automated attendance messages or to let us know about any errors in the attendance messages you receive:

by phone at 250-382-9226 or
by e-mail to