4C Challenge Program

Esquimalt High School has been home to the 4C Challenge Program since the program was developed at the school in 1979.

Challenge Program:

The program serves the unique needs of creative, gifted, and talented learners. Students who see the world in unique ways and have a true love of deep and creative learning are grouped together in cohort style classes. The aim is to deliver enriched curriculum with teaching strategies that are suited to their intellectual, social, and emotional needs and abilities.

4C Challenge classes maximize the opportunities to enrich students’ learning, support students’ self-directed studies, autonomous learning, and social and emotional well-being. The 4C Challenge Program develops students’ cognitive abilities through differentiated curriculum, acceleration, and enrichment enabling students to achieve their full learning potential.

The program is centered on what we refer to as the four “Cs”:

  • commitment to tasks;
  • creative problem solving;
  • challenging curriculum and assignments and;
  • community involvement

Our application process and procedure, along with our course offerings, is currently undergoing changes. Please check back mid-November or contact Jennifer Wignall, Challenge Coordinator, (jwignall@sd61.bc.ca) for more information.

Jen Wignall
4C Challenge Program Coordinator
Esquimalt High School
847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 4N9
Phone: (250) 382-9226 Fax: (250) 361-1263 Email: jwignall@sd61.bc.ca