School Volunteers

School District #61 has school policy and regulations regarding school volunteers.  The district is committed to ensuring student safety.  With this in mind, anyone who would like to volunteer with Esquimalt student are required to complete the following process, which includes a Volunteer Form and a Criminal Record Check (CRC). 

  1. Volunteer Form:  Please print and complete the volunteer form (School Volunteer Information Form) and email back to the office at  or bring in to the main school office.
  2. Criminal Record Check: Apply online for a Criminal Record Check.  Your Criminal Record Check will be sent directly to the school.
    1. Activate your BC Services Card if you have not previously done so. The BC Services Card replaced the BC CareCard and is now used to access various government services online, including the criminal record check identity verification. Cards can be activated at the following link:
    2. Complete the criminal record check application at: using the Access Code: 27PRVTXST3 . Please indicate you are volunteering with children. There should be no costfor the criminal record check.

Please note:  It is important to apply for the Criminal Record Check a few weeks in advance as depending on the demand the CRC may take a week or so to process and return to the school.