Dual Credit Cohorts

Dual Credit Cohorts let you earn high school and college credits at the same time. In most cases your college tuition will be covered by the school district.  See specific course descriptions below.

Law 12 / Criminology 154Psychology 12 / PSYC 130
This course examines the Canadian criminal justice system, its components, process, objectives, and functionaries. It includes an analysis of discretion, diversion, decision-making processes and the operational practices of the system.This course acquaints students with major contemporary issues in psychology and considers their historical antecedents. Topics include: the application of psychological knowledge on life span development, personality, abnormal behavior, social cognition, social influence, and social relations to a variety of contemporary social issues.
Writing 12 / Creative Writing 154
This course offers students with strong writing ability an opportunity to explore and develop their skills and possible goals in writing major nonfiction forms, such as features, memoir, travel, personal essay, history, and social analysis.