Club:Meeting Location:Meeting Days and Times:Staff Sponsor:Student Leaders & Social Media:
Art Collective/ Art ClubRoom 223Thursdays at lunchMs. WalkerGoogle Classroom ufj4rdr
"Atom Smashers" ESQ RoboticsRoom 221Mondays & Wednesdays after schoolMrs. O'KeeffeInstagram @7287_atom_smashers
Best BuddiesRoom 101 / 310Wednesdays at lunchMs. Howard and Mr. Rak
BIPOC ClubRoom 309Fridays at lunchMrs. J. Robertson
Black Students' UnionConference RoomAfter school on MondaysLovelle Tessier
Book ClubLibrary Learning CommonsTuesdays at lunchMr. OrmeInstagram @esqreads
Ceramics ClubArt RoomAfter school as scheduled in the Google Classroom Leona Marchand
Chess ClubLibrary Learning CommonsFridays at lunchMr. Rak Friendly matches every day at lunch in the library learning commons
Cross Country ClubRoom 301Mondays and Thursdays after schoolMs. Sarah Thornber
ESCAPE - Esquimalt Students Caring About Peace And the Environment Library Learning CommonsMondays at lunchMr. Orme
Esquimalt Ink (Student Newspaper)Room 325Wednesdays at lunchMr. OrmeInstagram @esquimalt_ink_news
EYCIRoom 327Mondays at lunchMr. Henderson
Garden ClubRoom 306Wednesdays at lunchMr. Budda
GSA / Gender and Sexuality AllianceRoom 211Tuesdays at lunchMs. Coutts, Mme Flagg, Mr. Christoff, Ms. Louwe, Ms. S. Robertson and Mrs. Hoffman, Instagram @esquimalt.gsa
Google classroom kcufg5m
Improv ClubTheatreMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, after schoolMs. Walker
InteractRoom 329Thursdays at lunchMme. JensenInstagram @esqhigh.interact
Math ClubRoom 305Thursdays at lunchMs. Bjornson
NQMUNBWATDTBAMUN, or "Not Quite Model UN" Room 328Mondays at lunchMme Flagg
Rubik's Cube ClubRoom 305Mondays at lunchMrs. Hermanson
Student VoteLibrary learning commonsBy electoral cycleMr. Zemanek and Mr. Orme
Science Fair ClubRoom 213Tuesdays at lunchMs. Nigh
Women in STEMRoom 221Tuesdays at lunchMrs. O'Keeffee
Writing Club & Slam Poetry TeamRoom 325Fridays at lunchJamie Burren