Theatre Rental

Esquimalt High School’s theatre is available for community rentals. The theatre has a proscenium stage with full drapery system. There are two double door entrances into the theatre with a spacious foyer and enclosed ticket booth.

A detailed description of the Esquimalt High School Theatre can be downloaded here.

A theatre schematic plan can be downloaded here.

Theatre Student Technician Bookings.

Theatre Rental Information

For availability and schedule information, contact:

Jared Adams
Esquimalt High School
847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 4N9
Phone:  (250) 382-9226 Fax: (250) 361-1263 email:

For pricing and booking, contact:

Greater Victoria School District Rentals Department
Phone:  (250) 475-4178 Email: