Black History Month

(top row)

  1. Marie-Joseph Angelique, slave in 18th century Québec who came to symbolize Black resistance
  2. Martin Luther King Jr., political leader, U.S. civil rights activist
  3. Harriet Tubman, former slave, leader of the Underground Railroad
  4. Joe Fortes, citizen of Vancouver, lifeguard, swimming instructor (see also WestCoast Living article)

(middle row)

  1. Dr. Eugenia Duodu, chemist, CEO of Visions of Science, educational charity
  2. Lincoln Alexander, lawyer, first black MP, former Lieutenant Governor General, Ontario
  3. Rosemary Brown, politician
  4. Malcolm X, political leader, activist
  5. Janaya Khan, storyteller, organizer, futurist, cofounder of  Black Lives Matter Canada

(bottom row)

  1. Esi Edugoyan, novelist
  2. Perdita Felicien, track and field hurdler, Olympian, world champion
  3. Donovan Bailey, track and field sprinter, Olympian, world champion, entrepreneur, philanthropist
  4. Afua Cooper, poet, author, historian, curator, performer, cultural worker and recording artist
  5. P. K. Subban, hockey player philanthropist, entrepreneur, executive producer and fashion enthusiast

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Find out more about Black History Month.  Check out the displays in the school library and in this online collection.

This 10 minute clip from the NFB classic Journey to Justice introduces the history of blacks in Canada. It begins with a profile of Judge Stanley G. Grizzle and the second segment describes Viola Desmond‘s case in Nova Scotia.