Academic Support

The Link Summer Session 2021-2022
Online Registration for The Link Summer Session opens on May 10 for all SD61 Students.
The following courses will be offered from June 28-July 28:
  • Grade 10 English (Composition and Literary Studies)
  • Grade 10 Pre-Calculus Math
  • Grade 10 Science
  • Grade 10 Social Studies
  • Grade 11 Pre-Calculus Math
  • Grade 11 Workplace Math
  • Grade 11 Explorations in Social Studies
  • Grade 12 English Studies
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Study Skills

When it comes to studying in high school, you will be expected to think for yourself almost all the time – your teachers will help — but YOU will have to take control of your own learning.

Use this Study Skills Workbook to assist you with studying.

Other study suggestions and strategies for coping with test anxiety are discussed in AnxietyBC’s guide on Test Anxiety.

Academic Support

All Esquimalt students are eligible for academic support in one of the school’s Resource Rooms. Preferential placement is given to students with Ministry learning designations. Students are referred for Resource Room support by counsellors, classroom teachers, administration, parents and the middle school they attended before enrolling at Esquimalt High School.

Resource Rooms provide students with additional instruction and support to complete assignments in core subjects. Students enrolled in Resource Rooms do not receive a letter grade. An effort mark is issued: good (G), satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U). Student effort, attendance, preparedness and behaviour will be considered when assigning an effort mark.

Resource II Program

Students in this program have been designated by the Ministry of Education as having a MID, SLD, MSPID or a PDCH designation. Placement in the program is on the recommendation of Middle Schools or referral by Esquimalt’s School-Based Team. Students in this program are on a School Leaving Certificate Program. All academic courses have been modified to meet individual academic needs.

The focus of the program is to teach students skills that will assist them in their everyday lives. This includes skills necessary for successful home and work environments.

Students will be given instruction in math, language arts, social studies and some science. These subjects will be complemented with recreational activities and life-skills training. Students of the Resource II program will receive direction from the teacher and Education assistant, however, students are encouraged to study courses outside of the Resource II classroom (primarily electives).
All age appropriate students will complete work experience placements in the community. Students will develop skills and talents that will assist them as they enter the work force. Work experience is a requirement of the program. It will be the job of the teacher and assistants to provide a program which allows the student to experience success, develop a positive work ethic and build confidence.

Detailed course descriptions can be found in our course guide.