International Travel

Esquimalt High School supports and encourages student participation in field trips, recognizing the social, cultural, and educational benefits of such experiences. The school sponsors international trips for students on a regular basis. France, Russia, and the Americas are regular destinations and recent trips have included Spain, Cuba, Peru, Greece and Mexico.


Teacher Sponsor:   Mr. Wignall

russia1Here are some student comments about a previous school trip to Russia:

“This Spring Break, thirteen students, three teachers and one brave parent set off on the trip of a lifetime, delving into the enigma that is modern Russia.  Staying in Moscow with homestays created great memories even if it destroyed the ability to speak English properly.”

“We saw marvels most in the Western world have only dreamed of — Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and innumerable glorious churches.  Armed with a smattering of Russian and some experience of crossing roads and riding the Russian metro, we took the overnight train to St. Petersburg for a look at the Venice of the North.  A vase big enough to sleep in, a shower house for just three days a year, an art gallery that would take eleven years to see fully –  Russia stretched our minds, filled our hearts, and taught us some new ways to have a good time.”

Talk to Mr. Wignall for more information about the next trip to Russia.