Dance 9, 10, 11 & 12

Beginner, intermediate or advanced; everyone, at any level, is welcome! Students will learn basic stretches, steps and techniques from a variety of contemporary dance styles (ballet, lyrical, modern, Latin and Afro-Caribbean). Students will participate in a variety of ‘dancers’ workouts’ designed to strengthen and tone the core and the major muscle groups as well as build flexibility and endurance. Students will also participate in occasional written activities and group projects.

More advanced students will be invited to mentor and choreograph performance pieces. Students may have the opportunity to see live performances during field trips. Whether you are new to dance, are a trained dancer and want to work on choreography, or just want an excuse to stay fit and have fun, this class is for you. Let your creativity guide you as we explore the possibilities of dance!

Enjoy the videos below recorded at Esquimalt High’s Evening of Dance, June 10, 2015 in the Esquimalt High School Theatre:

More videos are available on Esquimalt High School’s YouTube channel ESQTube

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