Welcome new students!

At the end of every school year we start getting excited about welcoming our new grade 9 students to Esquimalt. We reach out to middle schools, visit to talk about courses, and plan a transition day tour to get you comfortable with the building.

This year we couldn’t have you in so we decided to get creative! We have designed this Welcome Website to introduce you to your new school. The best part is – it was made by students just for you!

Some of you have been here before – what looks familiar to you? Can you imagine yourself in these halls? What about the classes and learning spaces? Join Lassah and she will show you around in this video tour of the school.

Watch video messages from your new Principal & Vice Principals and students Megan, Raine, Sheyda, and Lassah. You will see Megan, Raine, Sheyda, and Lassah throughout the Welcome Website telling you about all the opportunities we have for you at Esquimalt, a bit about themselves, their best Esquimalt memories and offering some advice based on their experiences.

Our programs provide students with opportunities to reach their potential, strive towards excellence and make full use of their unique combinations of energies, talents and interests. In doing so, students at Esquimalt High School are encouraged, “to be rather than to seem” or as the school motto says in Latin,
“esse quam videri.”

Esquimalt High School offers you the opportunity to make strides towards achieving your immediate and long term goals. We offer a diverse range of programs to explore your current interests and to find new opportunities.  Our school offers many options outside the timetable to contribute to Esquimalt’s community including sports teams, clubs, musical theatre, band.
Teachers, support staff, administration, alumni and student leaders all look forward to working with you to ensure your success.

Welcome to the Esquimalt Family!