Welcome new students!

At the end of every school year we start getting excited about welcoming our new grade 9 students to Esquimalt. We reach out to middle schools, visit to talk about courses, and plan a transition day tour to get you comfortable with the building. This year we couldn’t have you… Read more

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Summer reads for staff to offer relaxation & a little something to talk about when we see each other again #happyreading #sd61learn #ourvision https://t.co/6vMHzCrJU1
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Vicki Roberts @vickidroberts
Summer reads went out today - happy reading Esq staff! @Esqhigh #summerreads #sd61learn https://t.co/R4YO5zDy7r

Congratulations to all of our academics, artists, athletes, & leaders. We are grateful for you care, determination, and energy! Check out this video that celebrates you! https://t.co/2QutOkpT6i https://t.co/U2DzszZ7gW

Congratulations to our beloved educator, Maggie, who is retiring after 18 years at ESQ! ESQ will not be the same without you.🙌🏻💐 @sd61schools #CUPE947 https://t.co/hbbWRRHCnR Esqhigh photo

Today we are celebrating & honouring Mike Cowan as he retires from ESQ at the end of June! Check out this awesome gift made for him by #esqmetal! Happy Retirement Mr. Cowan. You will be missed! @sd61schools #cupe382 https://t.co/1Cg5EdXCTG Esqhigh photo

Check out the Esquimalt Indigenous Art Show at Spirals Café in Vic West! 💕 @sd61schools @EsquimaltNation @SongheesNation https://t.co/0tK0NDqPlx Esqhigh photo

Who else gets the Morgana (a pirate ship) in their grad parade? Only ESQ! 💕🙌🏻 #esqgrad2021 @sd61schools @EsquimaltBC https://t.co/N45Wqo2enp Esqhigh photo

Congratulations to the ESQ Grads of 2021! What a great day we had celebrating you! Thank you to the greater Esquimalt community, our families & our staff for making this day so special for our graduates!🙌🏻💐 @sd61schools #esqgrad2021 @BarbDesjardins @ChiefManak https://t.co/8BY18HKZHU Esqhigh photo

Welcome to Esquimalt High School


Our programs provide students with opportunities to reach their potential, strive towards excellence and make full use of their unique combinations of energies, talents and interests.  In doing so students at Esquimalt High School are encouraged “to be rather than to seem”or as the school motto says, in Latin, “esse quam videri.”

We look forward to hearing from you.  For more information phone 250-382-9226 or email us at esquimalt@sd61.bc.ca.

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