Welcome new students!

At the end of every school year we start getting excited about welcoming our new grade 9 students to Esquimalt. We reach out to middle schools, visit to talk about courses, and plan a transition day tour to get you comfortable with the building. This year we couldn’t have you… Read more

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Student vote is going strong with hundreds of students casting ballots today at Esquimalt High! @sd61schools #Election2021 @studentvote https://t.co/zq0nzCHZ7r Esqhigh photo

Staff Collaboration is launched! Based on our survey we are going to have a great year of inquiry! TY for inspiring each other! @sd61schools #sd61learn #collaboration #staffcollaboration #teacherinquiry https://t.co/DgaEUHI9MK Esqhigh photo

Thanks to @SongheesNation for hosting @Esqhigh & @SD61Careers today! So great to see our new, returning & future students & families.😊 @sd61schools https://t.co/7E87xg6FuU Esqhigh photo

New student orientation # 1 is underway! We are so excited to welcome our new students to ESQ!😊 @sd61schools @EsquimaltBC https://t.co/Ovg9BYNKQf Esqhigh photo

ESQ new student orientation is happening next Sept. 1st, 2nd & 3rd! Check your family email or call the school to sign up for a spot! @sd61schools @EsquimaltBC @SongheesNation @EsquimaltNation https://t.co/e27SJySiaa Esqhigh photo

@sd61schools https://t.co/WzMbo94Y29
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The Juanes Lab @JuanesLab
Peninsula News Review covered the excellent work Sophie Teghtmeyer is doing in our lab this summer as a @AmFisheriesSoc Hutton Scholar!

https://t.co/UJ4g6ZVq8z https://t.co/H60LKWCb8E

Welcome to Esquimalt High School


Our programs provide students with opportunities to reach their potential, strive towards excellence and make full use of their unique combinations of energies, talents and interests.  In doing so students at Esquimalt High School are encouraged “to be rather than to seem”or as the school motto says, in Latin, “esse quam videri.”

We look forward to hearing from you.  For more information phone 250-382-9226 or email us at esquimalt@sd61.bc.ca.

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