Welcome new students!

At the end of every school year we start getting excited about welcoming our new grade 9 students to Esquimalt. We reach out to middle schools, visit to talk about courses, and plan a transition day tour to get you comfortable with the building. This year we couldn’t have you… Read more

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Charcuterie board for lunch from ESQ Culinary Arts today.💕 @sd61schools https://t.co/9ACYvihODL Esqhigh photo

Today was Taco-About Mental Health Day. Thank you to @Esqhigh YES (Youth Ending Stigma) for all the Mental Health awareness & resources being shared this week.🙌🏻💕 @sd61schools #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2021 https://t.co/rmMwCqMsJs Esqhigh photo

Happy Mother’s Day to all our ESQ community members! #HappyMothersDay https://t.co/M3wqbwiKeo Esqhigh photo

Check out these amazing students and their creative work! I’m sure you can see the pride they share. Thanks to staff for supporting and inspiring! #trades #tradesinhighschool @sd61schools #bced https://t.co/Wi6isHPdt3 Esqhigh photo

The ESQ Capstone Gala was a huge success! Congratulations to our grade 12 presenters! We are so proud! A huge shout out to the Careers team & the Capstone coaches who supported and mentored our students through this process. 🙌🏻💐 @sd61schools @SD61Careers #esqgrad2021 https://t.co/u0SN69ddKY Esqhigh photo

Camosun trades simulator truck & Pipes trade workshop happening today! @sd61schools @Camosun https://t.co/MBu14aEr4l Esqhigh photo

@Camosun Trades Simulator truck is at ESQ this week! Students are checking out the Pipe trades.😊 @SD61Careers @sd61schools https://t.co/9UeIXHqM9n Esqhigh photo

We are excited to welcome the @Camosun trades instructors & truck to ESQ! Students can get some hands on experience & information about trades training!🙌🏻 @SD61Careers @sd61schools https://t.co/lInhMnx674 Esqhigh photo

Welcome to Esquimalt High School


Our programs provide students with opportunities to reach their potential, strive towards excellence and make full use of their unique combinations of energies, talents and interests.  In doing so students at Esquimalt High School are encouraged “to be rather than to seem”or as the school motto says, in Latin, “esse quam videri.”

We look forward to hearing from you.  For more information phone 250-382-9226 or email us at esquimalt@sd61.bc.ca.

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