sxʷimeɫəɫ si’səɫ skʷəwlewtxʷ ščəniŋəɫ School Garden

Esquimalt High School’s new Indigenous Plant Garden was officially opened Monday, May 6th, 2019 as part of a celebration of Harvest4Knowledge project’s six Indigenous plant gardens in School District 61 with Lekwungen interpretive signs. The event included appetizers prepared by Chef Brandon Aris and his Culinary Arts students, the Pollinator Award presentation, and a tour of sxʷimeɫəɫ si’səɫ skʷəwlewtxʷ which means Esquimalt High School’s Garden in Lekwungen.

Check back for more information about the garden, links to information about the names of the plants in it and how it can be used by students and teachers to support learning in a variety of courses.

Students in Ms. Roberts Integrated Studies 9 class recently produced this website to help everyone learn more about indigenous plants in our region:

Find out more about the Harvest4Knowledge project here.

sxʷimeɫəɫ si’səɫ skʷəwlewtxʷ ščəniŋəɫ Esquimalt High School's Garden

sxʷimeɫəɫ si’səɫ skʷəwlewtxʷ ščəniŋəɫ
Esquimalt High School’s Garden