Mike Thompson

Mr. Thompson earned his Bachelors of Education from the University of Victoria and has been a teacher here in the district since 2000. A passion for athletics and fitness has led him to the Physical Education Department at Esquimalt High. Mr. Thompson is the director and head coach of the Esquimalt Wrestling Association; a program he designed and implemented for the school upon his arrival. During the summer months, you’ll find Mr. Thompson fishing the waters off Nootka Sound where his family owns and operates a small fishing lodge.

The experience of having taught at Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, has given Mr. Thompson the perspective that “successfully educating young people takes more than individual teachers in the classroom.  Parents absolutely must take an active interest in nurturing respect for learning, and a school’s Administration team must find ways to bring us all together to set achievable goals while moving forward in positive directions. These are the things that exist here at Esquimalt.”