Gail Higginbottom

Ms. Higginbottom graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Art Education. As an Intern at Esquimalt High School in 2001 she remembers being immediately impressed by the diversity of the students.  Having taught both English and Art Ms. Higginbottom has recently completed a Masters of Education in Counselling at University of Victoria. She now helps students as one of Esquimalt High School’s counselling staff as well as teaching English in the 4C Challenge Program and leading the Aboriginal Education Department.

Ms. Higginbottom has taught English in both Morocco and Taiwan and explains that her teaching identity has been strongly influenced by both her Aboriginal culture, as well as her passion for international travel.  She emphasizes fluidity, flexibility and creativity in her teaching.  Ms. Higginbottom values the process that results in each class growing into a micro-family because this enables students to wrestle with ideas and develop them into both personal and group understandings within that community context.