Curriculum Revision


Check the Ministry of Education’s curriculum website for the most current version of the revised K-9 and draft 10-12 curricula.

The Ministry of Education’s curriculum revision webpage provides an explanation of the revision process as well as documents explaining curriculum design, the focus on cross-curricular competencies, a summary for parents and educators and a guide to transforming curriculum and assessment.

Planning template and samples

Comment on the revised curriculum

A questionnaire can be downloaded now and a web-based questionnaire will be available at:

Summarize your findings and submit your response to

For further information on how districts are reviewing and engaging with the redesigned curricula, please contact:

Curriculum redesign is being discussed at the #bccurric twitter hashtag

The BCTF has developed several resources to support teachers discussing the new curriculum drafts and their implementation.  Login to view and comment (Problems logging in? Try Member Portal Help, email or contact your Staff Rep):