Esquimalt High School – “full of opportunities”

My name is Chaz Booty and I have spent my high school career at Esquimalt High School.  I can honestly say it’s been the most amazing experience. From the auto shop to the First Nation’s room and from the theater to the cafeteria, Esquimalt High School is full of opportunities for all students.  Esquimalt High School is unique in more than just the wide range of courses that are offered. It is also unique in its student body. From the moment I arrived in grade 9 to today in grade 12, the diverse school population has supported and helped me grow into the leader I am.

A great example of the community spirit at Esquimalt High is that holding the door for peers is no easy task.  It’s normally a race between students and staff to accomplish the task first. In all programs throughout our school, students show respect and a positive attitude towards each other creating a closely knit school community. It’s not hard in Esquimalt High School to be friends with people in all grades, and to know every kid in the school on a first name basis.  And our positive and extraordinary staff are always there for each and every student, doing anything in their power to ensure success.

Although I am sad that this is my last year at Esquimalt High School, I am very excited for future students as they now get to experience all the joy and happiness this school has to offer.