Inclusive Education

All Esquimalt High School students are eligible for academic support in one of the school’s Resource Rooms. Preferential placement will be given to students with ministry learning designations. Students are referred to Resource Rooms by counsellors, classroom teachers, administration, parental request and recommendations from teachers at their middle schools. Resource Room teachers provide students with additional instruction in core subjects and guide students as they complete core subject assignments. Student effort, attendance, preparedness and behaviour will be considered when assigning an effort mark and percentage mark.

Programs and courses:

  • Foundation Classes
  • Grade 9 Adapted Courses
  • Independent Directed Study
  • Part-Time Student Courses 

Part-Time Students
Esquimalt accepts part-time students. To meet the special needs of some of the students who attend Esquimalt, provision is made to reduce the number of courses the student would be taking. In doing so the students understand this usually increases the time needed to reach certain goals, but can often result in the student remaining in school rather than dropping out. Any student who has a concern that he may better meet his needs by being a part-time student should discuss this with parents and school counsellors.

Self-Paced Courses
Students are considered for placement in self-paced courses based on the recommendations of school counselors and teachers. Prior to acceptance into a particular course, students must also receive the endorsement of the teacher coordinating the Self-Paced program and approval of an Administrator. Students attempting these courses need to be motivated academically and able to work independently.

Courses offered:

  • English 9, 10
  • Communications 11
  • Writing 12
  • Essentials of Math 10, 11
  • Social Studies 9, 10, 11
  • Science 9, 10
  • Earth Science 11

For further information and detailed program/course descriptions, please consult our course guide.