Special Events

Gifted students often have unique social and emotional needs. Students often relate to intellectual peers well beyond their years and find it difficult to relate to people their own age. For this reason, the 4C Challenge Program includes many opportunities for students to interact socially with students in other grades in the program.  By extending their social connections beyond their own class students build lasting mentor relationships. Social events include BBQs, dances, movie nights, camping trips, forums, conferences, and picnics. Students are encouraged to organize as many opportunities for social interaction as they wish.

District Gifted Program Information Night

Greater Victoria School District 61 hosts an information session at either Esquimalt High School or Mount Douglas Secondary School each January. Gifted programs at both schools are discussed, and parents are welcome to ask questions to administration and program coordinators.

Middle School Gifted Exploration Day

Gifted students in grades 6-8 are invited every year for a single day orientation session designed to give students a “taste” of 4C Challenge learning at Esquimalt High School. Students rotate through four sessions learning about fields such as science, dance, music and philosophy.  Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically about enriching subject matter in an ability-grouped environment.  Challenging ideas and creative approaches to problems will be fostered. An orientation session, tours of the school and snacks are also provided.

Gifted students from all middle schools in the district can participate in this event to make social and intellectual connections with a broad range of students from throughout the district. Grade 9 students in the 4C Challenge program provide tours of the school and answer questions.

Students attending this event need to bring a lunch, something to write with, and something to write on. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for participating students to and from the event. Parents are welcome to attend the last half hour of the day where information about the 4C Challenge Program will be presented. Check back for a schedule of events.

If you have any questions please contact Esquimalt High School’s 4C Challenge Program Coordinator, Jennifer Wignall at jwignall@sd61.bc.ca

Challenge Dances

Esquimalt High School and Mt. Douglas Secondary School take turns hosting dances for Challenge students.

International Travel Opportunities

Esquimalt High School supports and encourages student participation in field trips, recognizing the social, cultural, and educational benefits of such experiences.  The school sponsors international trips for students on a regular basis.

e, Russia, and the Americas are regular destinations and recent trips have included Spain, Peru, Greece, Costa Rica, Mexico, Russia and South East Asia with stops in Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia.

For more information about these and other travel opportunities check out Esquimalt High School’s international travel opportunities.