Integrated Studies & Philosophy

All students in the Esquimalt High School 4C Challenge Program are required to take two Integrated Studies & Philosophy Courses.

Integrated Studies & Philosophy 9

Philosophy can be defined as ‘the love of wisdom’ and also as the search for or study of wisdom. This begs the question ‘what is wisdom’. Since many philosophers agree that wisdom is knowledge of that which is of greatest importance to human beings philosophy is the study of that which is of the greatest importance to us.

Philosophy investigates fundamental questions about the nature of things – questions about the universe as a whole, about human beings, society, science, ethics, and art. Philosophy explores many deep issues of principle that do not easily fit into more specialized disciplines. It will challenge you with its reflective and critical approach to important but often puzzling questions such as the nature of right and wrong, time and space, perception, and the human mind.

The Integrated Studies & Philosophy 9 course is designed to give students a broad exposure to the Western and Eastern philosophical traditions that span the past 2,500 years. The course begins in ancient Greece, moves to India, China, Japan, and then to Europe and the Americas. Students are given the opportunity to study some of the most important texts in human civilization, such as Plato’s Apology, as well as the freedom to pursue self-selected interests through research.

Integrated Studies & Philosophy 11

Integrated Studies & Philosophy 11 takes students deeper into philosophy and guides their development of self-directed major projects which culminate in the production of a paper and a public presentation.

In 2015-2016 this course will be offered as a dual credit course with Camosun College.  Students who choose to will earn credit for Philosophy 102: Introduction to Philosophy: Ideas, which explores significant philosophical topics in metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy. Questions likely to be discussed include the following: What is the self? How should we live? Do we have free will? Does our existence have meaning? What makes a society just? Classic and contemporary texts will be studied.

Through the second strand of the course supporting self-directed learning. every student becomes an expert in an area of personal interest and then shares that expertise with the class. Student projects range from pursuing an interest in science or technology and presenting at the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair to putting together a public art show of the student’s own work to hosting an open forum on homelessness.

Students are taught important research skills in this course essential for success at the post-secondary level. Students are also taught presentation skills.

For examples of past projects explore 4C Challenge Video

Integrated Studies Resources

Several online resources for these courses are listed below on this page. For services requiring a password please contact Esquimalt High School’s Teacher-Librarian, Mr. Orme.

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