The Greater Victoria School District provides district programs catering to the needs of gifted and talented secondary students in two schools:

Esquimalt High School (Grades 9-12)

4C Challenge Coordinator: Mrs. Jennifer Wignall


Mount Douglas Secondary School (Grades 9-12)

Challenge Coordinator: Mr. Ted Meldrum

The Gifted Learner:

A talented and gifted learner possesses a variety of characteristics that may include high task commitment, social and emotional intensity, creative and/or productive thinking and above average intelligence. These learners exhibit a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning that require differentiated educational opportunities and services.

In keeping with the Ministry’s definition of giftedness, the selection process used to identify such students gives heavy weighting to high intellectual ability as reflected in test scores and academic performance; and high task commitment, as indicated in written presentations, documentation and interviews, and highly creative assignments and hobbies.

District Challenge Testing Program:

In order for students to be considered for the Challenge Program they must be tested. The testing is used in conjunction with the student’s application to create a student profile. The information below is intended to help you understand the district program’s testing process.

A test schedule will be sent to each applicant (via e-mail or phone) and sent to his/her current school during the latter part of January. This notice will specify scheduled testing dates and times. The student must come to S.J Willis Learning Centre on the days and times specified. If your child cannot attend on the dates scheduled, please call or e-mail the school to re-schedule your child’s testing session. If your child is ill on the day of his/her test, please call the school in the morning to arrange for an alternative date.

Admission Procedure:

The school-based teacher or Principal may select students who they consider eligible for the secondary Challenge Program. Selections may be based upon identification materials contained in the District #61 Resource Book for teachers of Challenge students. Parents may also refer their children for consideration.

Challenge Application Forms can be submitted:

  1. at the information meeting January 16, 2018 at Esquimalt High School.
  2. by mail to Esquimalt High School, 847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 4N9, or
  3. by fax to 250-361-1263

Portfolios: Materials supporting the application package should be delivered to:

Assigned testing session to be held at SJ Willis: February 2nd, 2018

Testing: More information about testing date, times and location will be sent to student applicants and their parents by e-mail.

Details are also available on the Challenge Testing page

Application Review Process:

Once all information is received and collated, the Screening Committee will meet and decisions will be made to:

  1. accept the applicant into the District Program; or
  2. place the applicant on a wait list pending available seats in the District Program; or
  3. notify the applicant that he/she has not been accepted into the District Program.

Esquimalt High School will:

  1. establish and maintain a roster of recommended students;
  2. communicate in writing the status of the student to the recommending school and parents; and
  3. hold all student work and materials for pick up at Esquimalt High School after the selection process is complete.

Appeal Procedure:

  • The Committee will discuss the decision with the parents and with the student, if appropriate.
  • Upon request of the parents and student, the District Committee will reconsider previously and newly submitted information about a student who has not been placed in a gifted program.
  • The appeal must be received in writing within two weeks of placement notification.

The information on the application forms is collected under the authority of the School Act and will be used solely for the purpose of establishing eligibility for the District Challenge Program. It will be kept secure and confidential in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Questions regarding the collection or use of this information may be directed to:

Tammy Renyard
Esquimalt High School
847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 4N9
Phone: (250) 382-9226 Fax: (250) 361-1263 Email:

For more information about the 4C Challenge Program, please contact:

Jennifer Wignall
4C Challenge Program Coordinator
Esquimalt High School
847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC, V9A 4N9
Phone: (250) 382-9226 Fax: (250) 361-1263 Email: