Latin Class for Teens starts at public library

Want to learn Latin? Latin is not a dead language – and, with a little effort, you can learn to read it. This is a rigorous course in classical Latin for committed teens taught by Dr. Gregory Rowe (UVic). By year’s end you will be able to read poems by Catullus, the medieval Bayeux Tapestry, and the Latin translation of Harry Potter.

The course is free but a text book is required: contact for information about purchase, second-hand, or borrowing options.  A copy is also available at Esquimalt High School’s library.

The course runs for eight months. Please register for the September-December term and you will be automatically registered for the January-April term. Register online or call your local branch for more information.

The course is held at the Nellie McClung Branch, 3950 Cedar Hill Rd. on Thursday from, 4:30-6:30 pm, September 12-December 3 & January 9-April 10 (no class February 13).