Guest Speaker: Dr. Quentin Mackie, University of Victoria

QuentinMackieQuentin Mackie’s recent discoveries show that at least 14,000 years ago people lived on the coast by Haida Gwaii and these findings support stories that appear in traditional Haida transformation stories.  Dr. Mackie will describe the significance of these discoveries as they relate to our understanding of human adaptation to the various changes in the landscape, flora, and fauna since the last ice age.
Dr. Mackie’s talk will showcase the underwater archaeology methods he has used to uncover these ancient sites including his use of robotics and submarine drones.  His presentation will include photos of drowned forests, glacial refugia, Haida Gwaii with no trees and 14,000 year old footprints in the sand.
Esquimalt High School is honoured to host Dr. Mackie, an engaging and humourous presenter.
Recent press coverage of Dr. Mackie’s work include: