ESQ Wrestlers at Nationals

Dear parents and staff,

Our Esquimalt wrestlers have had a tremendous this week at the National Championships at the University of Guelph! All three athletes – Erin Geddie, Hunter Grant, and Mitchell Keeping – have been able to achieve their goal of competing at the National level.  Coaches and parents are extremely proud of the physical and mental training the kids have done this year.

The top placer for Esquimalt High’s team was Erin Geddie sitting third in Canada with a bronze medal today!  Those of you familiar with the bracket system will be able to appreciate how difficult it is to climb up from the back side of the draw.  This is an amazing accomplishment for Erin, and all three kids are an inspiration to our team.

Humble thanks to Dylan Straus and Kaitlyn Charlie for the additional hours spent training our athletes, and thanks to the wrestlers’ parents for making this trip happen!!