ESCAPE student shoe drive


IMG_0069One of the students in ESCAPE (Esquimalt Students Caring About Peace and the Environment) sent the following update about her work with Asistencia de la Familia de Cihuatlan A. C. in Melaque, southern Mexico. She delivered suitcases full of donated shoes from the Esquimalt High School community and other schools in the Greater Victoria School District and Sooke School District:

“Today the first group of kids got shoes! There were 8 kids in the albergue, that got shoes today. I met with 6 families today, and wrote down the shoes sizes of each person each family member (a total of 34 people) and the volunteers are going to try and find a match or two for each person. They will be continually giving out to the mexitecos who don’t have shoes throughout the year. Way to go ESCAPE!

Also I gave an ESQ shirt to Onessimo and thought [it would help] …. create awareness that the shoe drive was a super great success thanks to Esquimalt and let people know that they made a difference and shoes are now on these kids feet. I think if people see that they made a difference they’ll be inclined to donate in future years if we want to do this again.”