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UPDATED: Esquimalt High School Enhanced Safety Protocols April 1, 2022

Read the updated plan and rules here.

Daily at home health check

All students and staff should complete a daily health check. If you feel unwell, stay at home. Click here for more information.

The K to 12 Health Check website is an easy way to decide if your child should attend school based on their symptoms.

Wearing masks

The decision to wear a mask or face covering is a personal choice for staff, students and visitors. A person’s choice should be supported and respected.

Respiratory Etiquette

Students and staff should:

  • Cough and sneeze into their elbow, sleeve, or a tissue.
  • Throw away used tissues and immediately perform hand hygiene.

Keep a safe distance and maximize space

  • Spread out
  • Avoid sitting face-to-face
  • Avoid crowding between classes in hallways, on stairs, outside
  • Respect each others’ personal space
  • Go outside as much as possible
Fever (above 38°C)If yes to 1 or more of these symptoms:
ChillsStay home. Contact a health care provider or call 8-1-1 about your symptoms and next steps.
Difficulty breathing
Loss of sense of smell or taste
Sore throatIf yes to 1 symptom:
Loss of appetiteStay home until you feel better.
HeadacheIf yes to 2 or more of these symptoms:
Body achesStay home for 24 hours. If symptoms don't get better or get worse, contact a health care provider or call 8-1-1 about your symptoms and next steps.
Extreme fatigue or tiredness
Nausea or vomiting

Check our school newsletter, The Docker and the school’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest information on school programs, events and support.

Stay Connected

Students – check your sd61learn email accounts and Google classrooms for news from your teachers.

Government Announcements & Programs

Go to BC’s COVID-19 Health website: or call 1-888-COVID19. Phone lines are open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM to 8 PM, and information is available in more than 110 languages.  More information is also available through the Government of Canada’s website at

Having trouble keeping up with all the COVID-19 news? Bowinn Ma (MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale) has compiled a summary of important public health orders and government resources in one list to help you navigate the sea of new information out there.

BC Government COVID-19 News

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