Child Care Studio and Volleyball Court Community Consultation

In 2018, the Greater Victoria School District (GVSD) applied to the Ministry of Children and Family Development to create new child care spaces on a number of Greater Victoria School District properties. The GVSD was successful in all their applications and received funding for a number of elementary school locations—Frank Hobbs, Doncaster, Macaulay, Victoria West, and Tillicum, to name a few. The Greater Victoria School District has applied for further child care funding and was approved for two exclusive child care units at the Esquimalt Secondary school site.

The child care units are built by GVSD employees, with two dry units attached to one wet unit that includes six bathrooms, storage, and a full kitchen as per the licensing requirements. The child care units will be licensed with one unit offering full-time infant/toddler care and the other unit licensed for full time care for children ages 3-5 years old. The child care area will have a dedicated fenced area for participants with dedicated parking spots for child care staff within the current lot and dedicated drop off / pick up parking for child care families.

There are five proposed volleyball courts within the site plan that will be enclosed with fencing for school and community use. The courts will be built and maintained by a third party with student use during school hours and community use outside regular school hours.

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