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Inquiry questions

  1. Question focus/prompt
  2. Developing questions
  3. Using questions

Understanding by Design: Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding [overview]

What is UbD? Grant Wiggins answers with video case studies.

Inquiry-based Learning and Teaching

Focus on InquiryFocus on Inquiry. Alberta Education. 2004
Focus on Inquiry (condensed overview)
Using Focus on Inquiry: A student conversation
Guided_Inquiry_Design_coverGuided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School. Carol C. Kuhlthau, Leslie K. Maniotes, Ann K. Caspari. Libraries Unlimited, 2012. (Available in the school library)

Guided Inquiry Design Overview.Guided Inquiry Design Website
Inquiry_Circles_2015ed150x150Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles for Curiosity, Engagement and Understanding. Harvey & Daniels, 2015.

Web resources for Comprehension & Collaboration .including "11 Ways to Find Time for Inquiry"
Galileo_Discipline-Based-Inquiry-Poster150x150Focus on Inquiry. Galileo Network, Alberta Education. 2015
What is inquiry?
What does the research say?
Galileo Rubric for Displine-Based and Interdisciplinary Inquiry
Getting_Started_With_Student_InquiryGetting Started with Student Inquiry. Capacity Building Series, #24. Ontario Ministry of Education. October 2011.
Points-of-InquiryBC Teacher Librarians' Association Points of Inquiry: A Framework for Information Literacy and the 21st Century Learner
Check out other student research guides and guides to online research tools here.