Anita Roberts

Ms. Roberts hails from England and is a grateful settler on Lekwammen Territory.  She has been a university student since 1989 and holds a number of qualifications from various institutions. She looks forward to turning 65 when her tuition will be free! Ms. Roberts’ areas of scholarship include English literature and humanities, political science, creative writing and publishing, history in art, literacy instruction, and music. Her current academic focus is indigenous governance.

Ms. Roberts began teaching at Vancouver’s Point Grey Mini School Gifted Education Program in 1997.  In 2000 she began teaching at Esquimalt High School’s 4C Challenge Program and was the Program Coordinator from 2003 until 2009.
At Esquimalt High, Ms. Roberts teaches “all the fun courses” including: Women’s Studies, Social Justice, Philosophy, Creative Writing, English Literature, Advanced Placement English, and English (with a twist).

Ms. Roberts operates the Center for Latin Studies at Esquimalt High School and supports students pursuing a variety of Directed Studies courses which have, over the past few years, included courses in String Theory, Russian literature, postmodernism, film making, architecture, and contemporary choreography.  Ms. Roberts is also thrilled to be the teacher sponsor of the Esquimalt SLAM Poetry Collective.

Ms. Roberts enjoys exposing students to the expansive education afforded by international travel and has chaperoned trips to Russia, Spain, Greece, Peru, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ms. Roberts welcomes all students to drop in to her classroom at any time and join the conversation!