Allyson Hoffman

After graduating from French Immersion program in Maple Ridge, Ms. Hoffman earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology from the University of Ottawa and, after a period of extensive travel, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria.  Ms. Hoffman is proud that the diversity of Esquimalt High School’s Counselling Department effectively meets the needs of Esquimalt’s students noting that, “Adolescence can be a turbulent time and I feel that the nature of our school and teaching staff allows students to leave with a healthy sense of self”.

Ms. Hoffman’s enjoyment of teaching Psychology 11 results in part from the diversity of students who take the course and also from her conviction that students benefit from the deeper understanding that they develop when they examine their own behaviours and the behaviours of others.  Her goal for students taking Psychology 11 is to develop a better understanding of the human condition.

Ms. Hoffman emphasizes how important it is to get involved in the school community in order to succeed at school and in life.  As a result she has sponsored many activities including the Grad Fashion Show, Yearbook, student newspaper (Esquimalt Ink) and the Political Club and has supported several school trips to France and numerous ski trips. Ms. Hoffman has always found it a pleasure to travel with Esquimalt students who she says are fantastic ambassadors for the school. Ms Hoffman says she “Truly enjoys working with young people and my colleagues at Esquimalt and I feel very fortunate to have the job that I do. I love Esquimalt High School!”