Star Wars Fan Club

(Credit: Cassidy Gent)

(Credit: Cassidy Gent)

Did you know that the Star Wars mythology was based on a Celtic legend called “The Myth of Lugh”? If you love fun facts like this and want to know and share more, join other like-minded people who are fanatical about Star Wars. Club activities are based on what the members want to do, but for starters, join us for the following:

  • sharing of the art, set design, costume design and production aspects of the films.
  • study of the mythology of the hero’s journey
  • analysis: midichlorians- science or religion?
  • debate: is a storm trooper a good guy or a bad guy?
  • games: play Star Wars themed board games
  • share new Force Awakens trailers, concept designs and art
  • participate in the countdown to Episode VII
  • plan a December movie night fundraiser “Fans for Families” and more.

If any students would like to serve as student reps for the club, please see Mrs. Walker in the Art Room. The club meets Tursdays at lunch in the Art room (#223)

May the Force be with you.